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    Team LDExplained

    Welcome to the LDExplained support group. Use this forum as a safe space to share your struggles and triumphs in helping others cope with everyday issues affecting the lives of people with learning disabilities and ADHD.

    Anyone who wishes that people with learning disabilities and ADHD have a better life is welcome to the support group.

    Members can be people with learning disabilities themselves, their parents, friends or relatives. NGOs and individuals working in the field, national and local policymakers, activists, lawyers and service providers working for people with learning disabilities and ADHD.

    The LDExplained support group is a safe, neutral and friendly place where everyone can come together online without being judged.
    The LDExplained support group can be used
    • to seek help and ask questions about ways to support individuals with learning disabilities and ADHD
    • to exchange information and experiences
    • to discuss concerns
    • to support each other without judging
    • to connect with like-minded people.

    Forum Etiquette

    Please maintain the decorum of this forum as a place for parents, educators and affected individuals to find help and support. We request you to kindly obey the following rules in all your posts and responses to ensure that readers and contributors are able to derive benefit from everyone’s contributions, and this forum becomes a safe place for sharing and support.
    o Maintain sensitivity towards other users and the challenges they may be undergoing. Demonstrate empathy and support in your posts. If you cannot do so, refrain from posting or responding. Unsolicited criticism alone is unhelpful and not desirable.
    o DO NOT use abusive, derogatory or profane language. First-time offenders will be warned and the post edited, a repeat offence WILL result in a temporary or permanent ban.
    o NO posting of illegal content – this could be insinuations/ direct admissions of participating in/ abetting an illegal act, it could be posting something which encourages someone to engage in an illegal act or helps them do so, it could be posting pictures/ text of an illegal nature. By illegal here, we are referring to INDIAN LAWS. First-time offenders will be warned and the post edited, repeat offences WILL result in a temporary or permanent ban.
    o NO threats of physical harm against another member – this will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the site.
    o NO racial/ religious/ casteist/ regional slurs NOR any post which denigrates any community will be allowed. NO BIGOTRY will be tolerated here. Members making such posts will be immediately and permanently banned.
    o Any member trying to circumvent a temporary ban, by posting under another ID will be issued a permanent ban immediately.

    We want to create a community of supportive individuals, helping each other face the challenges they are facing in their lives. Empathy, understanding and a genuine desire to help others is the most important aspect of being part of this community.

    We hope you will follow our guidelines and help us create the community we envision.

    Shaili Bhatt


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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